Transfer Tape is a widely used tape product in the market, possessing a variety of characteristics to meet the diverse needs 

of different customers.

Our company is committed to designing and offering various types of Transfer Tapes, including electronic-grade, stationery-grade 

non-carrier double-sided transfer tape.


In the electronics field, we offer high-transparency, high-temperature-resistant electronic-grade non-carrier tapes. These tapes 

are suitable for applications such as flexible printed circuits (FPC), computer component assembly, and panel bonding. Our TT1030, 

TT1065, and TT1135, they exhibit excellent adhesion and temperature resistance. Additionally, we also provide non-carrier tapes 

with excellent conductivity, EMI/RFI shielding effectiveness, low impedance values, and good flexibility, such as TT-219, which is 

suitable for applications like adhering to conductive fabrics, conductive foam, conductive paper, and copper-aluminum foils.


For the stationery market, we offer stationery-grade non-carrier tapes, such as C0912, C1519, and C1925, primarily used for 

computer forms paper and envelope sealing. These tapes are durable and provide excellent adhesive performance.


TT4040, this product exhibits excellent flexibility and is suitable for bonding with low-density foam. Having excellent performance 

in adhering and securing materials, making them suitable for various post-bonding processing applications.

SEAL KING's non-carrier tapes are high adhesion, temperature resistance, and transparency. These qualities make non-carrier tape 

a widely used tape product in the market. Whether you are in the electronics field, the stationery market, or any other industry, 

SEAL KING's non-carrier tape can meet your needs.

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