COVID-19 has been a part of our lives for several years

Most of us have become quite accustomed to this post-pandemic way of life. The pandemic has led to the development of many new habits, 

including frequent handwashing, wearing masks when going out, washing hands immediately upon returning home, carrying alcohol-based 

hand sanitizers, and etc.

In our communities and offices, protective films are often placed on elevator buttons, and regular environmental disinfection has become a 

routine practice. Seal King has been selling protective films since the pandemic began, and we have been working together with everyone 

to make efforts in the fight against the virus.


Seal King offers two types of protective films:

Seal King Protective Films

The entire roll can be freely cut to desired sizes and covered with adhesive. The texture of the protective film is soft and can adhere 

well to objects such as door handles, elevator buttons, remote controls, phones, appliance panels, computer keyboards, etc. It effectively 

prevents dirt and water splashes and does not leave residue when removed. 

Additionally, it can be used to bundle and protect items from dust, such as dishes that are not used for a long time or seasonal changes in 

household appliances.

Seal King 2.0 Elevator Buttons Protective Films

The entire roll can be freely cut to desired sizes and covered with adhesive. Compared to the Seal King’s protective film, the material is 

thicker and harder, providing more scratch resistance. Moreover, it is more adhesive and can be applied to elevator buttons to effectively 

extend the lifespan. After the pandemic, people have become accustomed to using keys or objects to press elevator buttons. This protective 

film can prevent common scratches. Its waterproof feature also facilitates easy cleaning and disinfection. In addition, it can be used to protect

 flat objects, such as serving as a dirt-resistant mat on a table, protecting glass panels, plastic sheets for photo frames, etc. Anything that 

remains fixed can have a layer of dust protection applied.

                                                       Average PE film                                                                          Seal King Protective Film

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Protection Film Application

PET Protection Film Application

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