Tamper Evident tapes Product Description

SEAL KING specializes in the research and manufacturing of tamper evident tapes, representing the pinnacle of global technology and achievement. 

Once the tape is opened, clear void messages or patterns will appear either on the tape itself or the substrate, providing immediate identification of 

tampering. Suitable for various high-value or electronic goods, confidential documents, and security applications in governments and corporations.

It prevents goods from being tampered with during transportation and logistics.


Seal King tamper evident tapes are classified into three main categories based on the applications:

1.Tamper evident labels:

Seal King product’s advanced traceability and confidentiality features are applicable to prevent tampering on various materials such as metal, plastic, 

paper, and glass surfaces. It can be customized for specific needs in transportation logistics, security and surveillance, military inspections, financial 

security, aviation safety control, pharmaceutical packaging tamper-evidence, electronic warranties, various paper bags, plastic bags, plastic boxes, 

paper boxes, etc. The surface of Seal King security labels can be printed and processed into sheet form (compatible with serial numbers, barcodes, 

or QR codes), facilitating various applications.

2. Tamper evident bag sealing tapes:

Widely used in airport duty-free bags, cash bags, investigative evidence plastic bags, and tamper-proof plastic bags for various high-value goods or 

confidential items.

3.Tamper evident packing tapes:

Suitable for sealing paper boxes and pallet wrapping films. Applicable to import and export security control, transportation logistics, pharmaceutical 

factories, ballots, high-value goods, and confidential document control and tamper-proof security.


Based on transfer types, Seal King security tapes come in three types :

1. Partial transfer type


Leave messages and partial adhesive on application surface after removal. Partial of the adhesive transfers to the substrate surface, and partial remains 

on the tape. Suitable for non-reusable glossy paper materials and corona treated PE bags.

2. Total transfer type


Leave messages but not any adhesive on application surface after removal. Suitable for various paper boxes, paper cartons, or packages that are not reusable.


3. Non-transfer type


After removal, the tape surface reveals void messages or patterns, with no printing or ink residue on the application surface. Suitable for re-usable applications, 

such as metal, glass and high surface energy plastics.


Application Cases of Non-Transfer Tamper Evident Label SK-88

In a South American country, the non-transfer type confidential tape SK-88 was used in election activities. Our customer die-cut SK-88 according to the government's 

specified specifications and applied it to the circuit board of the voting machine before the general election to prevent any malpractice during the election process. 

After the election was completed, the non-transfer tamper evident labels were removed. There was no ink or adhesive residue on the voting machine.


Currently, the non-transfer type tamper evident label SK-88 is widely used in towing teams of traffic police in various cities and counties in Taiwan. When towing illegally 

parked vehicles, traffic police apply Seal King’s non-transfer tamper evident labels to the car doors. When the owners reclaim their cars and tears off the labels, there will 

be no ink or adhesive residue on the vehicle body.


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SK-77 Anti-theft tamper-evident Security Seal Tape

security tape (Partial transfer type)

security tape (total transfer type)

security tape (non transfer type)

Security Tape - Ice spray test

security tape - the rub test

Tamper Evident Tape

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